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In the Press

  • #Women Lead Newsletter (2021) We asked Germans what Angela Merkel's leadership has meant to them. Here’s what they said. Issue 68

  • Becky Jacobs (2020). Utah Republican Women say they are not an 'endangered species'. Salt Lake Tribune. Feb 25

  • Maureen Groppe (2019). It's not just Sen. Martha McSally. #MeToo and more women in Congress mean more stories like hers. USA Today. March 11

  • Anna Orso (2019). In the women’s movement of 2019, where do Republicans fit in? Philadelphia Inquirer. Jan. 31

  • Maureen Groppe (2018). 'This is not reflective of the American public:' House GOP women press for answers as their ranks shrink. USA Today. Dec 13.

  • Carter Sherman (2018). 11 States have no women in Congress. These candidates are trying to change that. Vice News. Sep. 5

  • Erica Snow and Syd Stone (2018) In the #MeToo era, young conservative women look for their spot. Public Radio International. March 16

Media & Press: Text
Media & Press: Text
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