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Call for Contributors

Women in Politics: Global Lives in Focus

I am editing a volume for ABC-CLIO’s Women and Societies Around the World series. The series targets high school and college students. The Women and Politics volume will explore the history and current status of women in politics in eight world regions. I am looking for contributor(s) to write chapters giving regional overviews for the following regions:

  1. Sub-Saharan Africa 

  2. Central and East Asia

Each chapter is approximately 10,000 words and each chapter should cover the following developments for women in politics in that region. Each chapter must follow the outline below: 

  • Brief history of women’s suffrage

  • Current status of women in politics (voter turnout if known, women in parliament, women in the executive)

  • Discussion of the greatest barrier to political parity for voter turnout (if known), women in parliament, women in the executive 

  • Suggestions on how to achieve political parity 

  • Important firsts and relevant case studies (highlighting past successes)


  • August 1, 2020              First draft due

  • December 1, 2020         Second draft due

  • January 15, 2020           Manuscript due to publisher

If you are interested to author one of the chapters, please email me ( your proposal and the following information by April 30th, 2020. 

  1. Name, institution, position, contact information

  2. A brief outline of your proposed chapter based on the chapter outline above (2 pages max)

  3. A brief statement on your regional and subject expertise

  4. Current CV

  5. If a PhD student, name and contact information of your dissertation chair

Given that each chapter needs to give a holistic overview of the regions as outlined above, proposals that focus on one country only or only parts of a region will not be considered for inclusion.

Global South scholars, emerging scholars, minority scholars, and PhD students are particularly encouraged to submit proposals.

Each chapter is credited directly to each contributor and ABC-CLIO offers a range of options for compensation in recognition of each author’s time and effort.

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